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What reputation for Europa casino?

This casino is one of eight highly regarded online casinos owned by the company which includes Titan Casino . For over 10 years, Europa has maintained its positive consumer perception and quality and unique features that have made it one of the favorite online gambling sites. When it comes to their overall reputation, this site exceeds the standards many gamers are used to.

Reputation of Europa Casino

Who owns Europa Casino?

Imperial e-Club LTD owns Europa Casino . This company has a long standing reputation for creating unique skins that offer quick payouts and are known for their customer service and game selection. Gambling Reader’s Choice Awards named Europa Casino for Best Online Customer Service in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Has this site or business been found to be deceptive, fraudulent, or engaged in illegal activity?

There are many variables that can impact a player’s experience with online gambling. It only takes one mishap on a site to trigger the downward spiral of their reputation. We are happy to report that unlike many online casinos, Europa has managed to provide customers with such a positive experience that it is almost impossible to find bad press. This casino, its parent company and the associated casinos all enjoy an excellent reputation in the online gambling world. In short, it is a question of:

  • interesting bonuses,
  • many and diverse games,
  • several payment methods.

How are customer complaints handled?

Europa casino handles all customer issues internally through its support staff. You have 30 days to file a complaint about a particular incident and staff will do their best to resolve the situation promptly. However, the casino’s decision is final and may result in your account being closed if they believe you are at fault.

Is Europa an honest site?

Simply put, this casino is one of the best options out there. With over 10 years of positive customer experience, we are confident that you too will find them honest and trustworthy.

Rewards and loyalty points

Europa Casino loyalty programs pay more when you play more. Your rewards and earnings are directly proportional to your playing time and earnings. The casino pays you points based on your winnings. These points can be converted into cash and you can withdraw them under certain conditions.
The casino has 6 VIP levels, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Premier. The higher you reach a level, the smoother and easier the game is for you.
When you reach the higher level, i.e. Premier, you get a personal manager to manage your account, and the points will be also collected quickly.
You will also be able to benefit from special offers and monthly promotions on the website.
Besides the monthly promotions and rewards, there is another way to win via Europa Casino .
You can refer the website to your friend and in return the website pays you 50 euros and your friend receives 25 euros as a bonus.


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